Empty Channel Headcollar

Colour: Black
Size: Full
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Empty Channel Headcollar

Our Empty Channel Headcollars are made with high quality buffalo drum died leather. The headcollars have a 6mm empty channel along the nose and cheek pieces, with a soft cow leather padding along the headpiece, cheek pieces and nose for the comfort of your horse. 

Empty Channel Headcollars allow you to design your own headcollar for showing, dressage and competitions. With these channel headcollars you can make fabulously looking beaded headcollars, gemstone headcollars, pearl headcollars, Swarovski headcollars, Diamante headcollars and simple crystal headcollars. You can choose your own combinations of size and colours - there are so many ways to do it!

Available in:

Colour : Black, Brown

Size :  Pony, Cob, and Full

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