PVC Browband for making Showing Browbands

Colour: Black
Size: Small Pony (13")
Width: 1/2"
In stock


PVC Browband for making Show Browband

The PVC Browband is made of high quality Biothane® PVC and riveted to make end loops. Each browband is hand made in our UK factory to order. The PVC Browband forms the base for making show browbands with ribbon, rosettes etc.

Quantity discounts are available for purchases of 5,10 and 20 pieces

Please be aware that this product is made to order so typically ships in 2-3 days

Available in :
Colour : Black, Brown
Size : Small Pony (13"), Pony (14"), Cob (15"), Full (16") and X-Full (17")
Width : 1/2", 3/4" , 1"

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